Cute Back To School Gear and Desk Decorations

I long for the days of back-to-school shopping, adorable folders, freshly sharpened pencils, and a clean sheet of loose leaf I can write my name on. I was always a pretty big BTS geek. I always wanted my locker to be decorated in the cutest way! I don’t go to school anymore, but I can still find a use for cute back-to-school supplies at my office or home. I hand picked some of my favorite BTS accessories for work or school, so check them out!

1. Candy Kingdom Pencil Case by Paperchase that kind of reminds me of Tokidoki or Sanrio • 2. Pink locker chandelier which I am determined to work into my office space somehow • 3. The Indispensable Lime Green Tape Dispenser by Poppin. Everything by Poppin is so amazing, so it was hard to pick which item to feature! • 4. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Clock. I am sure we all use our cell phones as alarm clocks, but they haven’t lost their quaint charm on me. • 5. Just Sayin’ Sticky by Knock Knock Stuff. Just sayin’. • 6. Southwestern Pattern Backpack by Forever 21. So pink and full of life! • 7. Hey Girl Journal by Urban Outfitters. Need I say more?

Speaking of school, does anyone remember playing that Purple Moon game, “Rockett’s New School?” I always loved peeking into other students lockers and roaming the halls of Whistling Pines. If anyone else here is or was a fellow Purple Moon addict, YouTube user Weaboo has uploaded pretty much all options for the Rockett games on their YouTube channel here! Enjoy!

Rockett Purple Moon

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    1. I was OBSESSED!!!! I even read the books by Lauren Day when it stopped working on my computer. Thanks God for this Weaboo person!!!! I liked Secret Paths but I was more fond of the Whistling Pines scene.

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