Who’s That Geek? It’s Uncle Yo!

I do not want an explanation for this picture. It’s pretty perfect the way it is.

Uncle Yo! His real name is Karl Custer, but Uncle Yo just sounds so much more personable. He’s a New York native who performs at geek conventions in the Northeastern United States, spreading his geeky cheer like some kind of Dungeon Master Santa Claus. Karl is a stand-up comic, geeky PodCast dude, and all around hilarious gent. His website, UncleYo.com, showcases his jam packed schedule of Con performances and links to PodCasts of weeks past. Every Monday, his PodCast, “We are the Geek,” makes all the fangirls squeal as he covers geeky current events and issues. And trying to scroll all the way down his resume makes my mouse tired!

I was a guest on one of his PodCasts, as a guest dancer called Little Wea$el when I performed with Antipode Geek Bellydance. We discussed girls in geek culture, stereotypes, and all kinds of fun topics relating to feminism. Oh, and he rocks a sticker from my Etsy, Word To Your Unicorn, on his laptop! So I can’t complain. Without further adieu, say “Yo” to Yo!

1. Who do you cast to play you (real or fictional person) in the movie about your life?
My mother is played by Joan Rivers, intermittently exchanged with a lucid Rita Rutner, my father is played by Samuel L Jackson wearing two eye patches, and I’m played by a puppet voiced by comedian Marc Maron. My best friend, Hockey the out-of-time Viking, is played by Dana Carvey. Rainn Wilson plays the neighborhood bully who is first to contract the screaming syphilis that invades the town.

2. If you were a food, what would you be?
Low in carbs but smothered in a raspberry reduction.

3. Who is your geeky or comedy role model?
Financially? The Penny Arcade boys grew from a team-based web-comic into a multi-million dollar franchise beloved by many and have set the bar on charities and acceptance with their convention PAX. Does the whole “Dick Wolf” drama upset me as a feminist? It would if I wasn’t familiar with their work already and knew to expect their crassness. Personally? Artistically? Ken Levine of Irrational Games. Proving games can be both art and interactive narratives. Personally? L’il Kuriboh. Despite self-inflicted doubts and numerous assaults by the industry, he continues to solo a series on par with many of the best sitcoms out there today, all out of a closet while being totally self-aware and meta enough to match “Community.”

4. What was your favorite cartoon, comic book, and or Funnies strip as a kid?
Calvin and Hobbes, the Far Side. Between those two, I was encouraged to daydream and never take something so seriously that I’d miss the joke.

5. You suddenly turn into a cartoon character! Who are you?
Me but with clothing that fits.

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  1. Big fan of Uncle Yo since I first saw him at Zenkaicon. Since then, I seem to run into him at nearly every convention I go to and have some pretty good chats. Glad to see Calvin and Hobbes + Farside love since they were by and far my favorites as a kid.

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