A peek through the mirror into my bedroom

Happy September bloggy people! I’ve been spending the week cleaning out our house and re-decorating. Our bedroom was far too boring, so I spiced it up by doing the entire thing red and teal. Red and teal is one of my all-time favorite color combinations, and it really works for a lot of the Asian inspired decor I have.

1) My closet made a little debut into this post, because I noticed an arrangement of fabulous oranges, chartreuse and pink. 2) The bed is completely decked out. We’ve got a teal tufted head board, and a red quilt (a la Target!) with fancy decorative pillows. By the way, men do not understand decorative pillows. Mark tries to sleep on them. He does not get fashion over function. 3) My dresser is adorned with magic. I have two Daruma dolls, and if you aren’t sure what they are, they are a sort of wish making doll and good luck talisman from Japan. You color in one eye, make a wish, and when it comes true, you color in the other eye and burn it on New Years – the smoke released is to thank the Asian Gods. Also my lion and lamb is in this picture, a bit of my favorite biblical symbolism. 4) A constant reminder.

I get around! I totally love my Lalibela cross straight from Ethiopia.

And in case anyone had forgotten, my cat Dorian is a total punk and ruins laundry day every time.

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