Swap Box: A barter based substitute for LootCrate and BirchBox.

Swap Box is not a real thing, it’s just an idea 🙂

Have you been dying to sign up for LootCrate but have been putting it off because of the $20 price tag associated with it? Perhaps you want to get a BirchBox but you’re worried you won’t like any of the stuff in it. And for the price tag, it’s just too big of a risk. If so, I had a silly little idea.

My idea is for a subscription box that comes from another person, not a company. The cost would be free, just pay shipping. The idea is that you would assemble a Swap Box, and exchange it with another person’s Swap Box.

Why is this such a good idea?

It’s green. It reduces the amount of clutter we have: Instead of paying money for a plastic wrapped box of new stuff to fill up our homes, we can repurpose some of our existing stuff. This way we remove some of the clutter from our life, and replace it with something new and exciting.

Surprise! The element of surprise is still there: My biggest attraction to subscription boxes is the element of surprise. You will still be surprised by what is in your box, but it won’t cost you anything.

Custom as heck! It can be tailored to any type of person. So if you’re a shoujo (girly) anime loving girl, you could swap with another Sailor Moon fanatic. Or perhaps you’re a Brony and only want to swap with other My Little Pony obsessed peeps. The possibilities are endless!

How does it work?

I really don’t know how it would work specifically, but it’s possible it could be run through Etsy. Perhaps people could add a listing for a “______ Swap Box,” and the person who wants to swap with them would have to check out through their Etsy, for $1, or whatever the minimum cost is. Ideally I think the boxes should be worth at least $10 and contain at least 5 items. I took the liberty of designing 3 Swap Boxes ideas with my own possessions (not for swapping!) just to give you an idea of what I was thinking.

The Dranker’s Box
Perhaps your bar is full of a ton of those little bottles of liquor. Or you want some new stemware and are hoping to trade your old flask for something fancier.

The Paper Geek’s Box
Sick of writing letters on the same old stationery day after day? Need a fun and fresh new pad of paper?

The Pretty Princess Box
Bought a shade of eyeshadow you just aren’t crazy about? Have way too much blush and need to unload some? How about those hair clips you never wear?

Featured image from subscriptionschool.com

9 thoughts on “Swap Box: A barter based substitute for LootCrate and BirchBox.”

  1. This would be so great! Especially if it was not subscription based but each a one off. (The worst thing about subscriptions is the the difficulty of skipping a month when things are tight, that’s why I don’t do any of them either.) There could also be things like “The Handmade Box” for crafty people or “The Hand-Me-Down Box” full of garage sale worthy treasures and gently used things. If this is something you’re actually developing, let me know if you need any help! I love this idea!

  2. I used to be a part of a beauty forum and we would swap stuff all the time, usually not as a surprise, but most of us would include little extra surprises in there for our swap buddies. It was amazinglyly fun and I ended up meeting some of the most fab people as well! So, yes, I think this is an awesome idea…if it happens, I’m definitely signing up and if I can do anything to help promote it, I’m totally on board for that as well 🙂

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