10 Reasons why Pewdiepie deserves the #1 Channel on YouTube

Pewdiepie, aka Pewds, is a YouTube Let’s Play guy from Sweden who has officially claimed the most subscribed to channel spot. And thanks to his hilarious, random, and entertaining videos, he’s got a redonkulous 13,300,000 subscribers, or bros. The question I think everyone is asking themselves is: how did this crazy, 1-man band, with a niche in video gaming, score this spot? I have my theories.

1. He has an entertaining life.
Pewdiepie is goofy, silly, and over the top. His girlfriend, Marzia (who also makes YouTube videos), is like this perfect sweet counterpart to his nonsense. They have this weird Ozzy and Sharon chemistry, that just makes you like them as a couple. And if that weren’t enough, you throw that freaking hilarious one-eyed dog into the mix. What kind-hearted souls, oh bless their hearts. It makes their Vlogs and couples videos totally entertaining, like a reality show addiction.

2. He is a philanthropist.
He’s done charitable work for the WWF and St. Jude’s Children Hospital. In honor of hitting 10,000,000 bros, he recently launched an insanely popular campaign to aid Charity Water, and has raised $220,000 of a $250,000 goal thus far. He is living the geeky life with purpose. Nice job, Pewds.

3. He’s adorable. She’s adorable. Even the friggin’ dog is adorable.
Pewdiepie, his girlfriend Marzia, and their one-eyed pug named Maya, aka Puga (who ALSO makes YouTube videos)… That whole freaking family is adorable. Their children are going to be beautiful.

4. His friends are hilarious.
Aside from Pewds being hysterical, he also spends quality time with other amazing YouTubers. He chills out in cyberspace (and real life) with people like The Smosh Dudes, Cry, and Ken. It’s like the Baby Sitters Club of YouTubers. Or something. Check out the Prop Hunt video that made me pee myself. Watch them all.

5. He cares about his fans.
He opens up his fanmail, and talks about it on Fridays with Pewdiepie. His fans can submit tweets for Pewds Does Everything. And it’s obvious from his Vlog in Singapore that he loves them. He isn’t afraid to talk about the tough stuff, like how he hates spam, trolls, and even addresses his commentary and offensive jokes in a real way. All the hearts for Pewds <3

6. He is positively not unlikeable.
Imagine this: You run into Pewdiepie in your bank. He’s robbing the place. He’s got cute little Puga under his arm, and she’s wearing a bandit mask. He yells “Give me all your moneys.” You eagerly comply. There’s nothing not to like! I’d give him both of my kidneys! He is just an all around, nice, likeable, funny, sweet, nice, kind of dude. He could be your best friend! He could be your brother! He could be that weird cousin that no one likes to talk about but that everyone loves!

7. His inside jokes are always stuck in my head.
Pewdiepie has weird catchphrases that he often says in his videos, that I find myself mixing into my everyday jargon. Do you see these moves? This is how we do it in the Pewdiepie town. Genius Pewds strikes again! Barrels!! I even designed a set of stationery based on a few of my favorite Pewdiepie quotes.

8. He is funny, consistent, and posts often.
He generally posts the same kind of stuff all the time. And his videos are pretty much all funny. And while he doesn’t post as many Pewds Does Everything, or Fridays With Pewdiepie videos, (which we all miss) he always has something new for us to chew on. And if he doesn’t, he tells us why! We don’t expect him to be our slave, but he’s always up front with his bros. He never lets us down! He is always there! Like the bottle of ketchup in my fridge that I will never use! I also love his horror games, it’s like watching a really weird scary movie. These are some of my favorites.

9. He makes no sense.
He is random and nonsensical. But that’s why we love him. He talks to the camera like he would talk to a friend. Or maybe like a crazy person would talk to their nurse after they got their medication in the looney bin.

Pewdiepie is a lovely lovely creature

10. He is a one man band who hasn’t let the fame go to his head.
He runs the show, entirely on his own. He films, edits, and posts videos daily. He spends 10-12 hours a day working for his bros. And despite his massive fame, he still works hard, cares, and is a genuine person. He hardly considers himself a celebrity, he’s just a dude. Check out his interview for SVT, where you can peek behind the curtain.

Now that that’s settled, it’s time for you to go become a bro today.

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons why Pewdiepie deserves the #1 Channel on YouTube”

  1. I have friends that love pewdiepie and friends that really really don’t. I’ve actually never watched his videos, but I know about him because of my work. (When he got the #1 spot, it was a big day!) I’m not a gamer so I never thought his stuff was for me…but I might have to check out his other videos now…

  2. I think pewdiepie is a love him or hate him kind of dude. Personally, I am in the hate him camp. His reactions, at least in horror games, seem fabricated and overacted. His videos make me cringe and I know a lot of people feel the same way. But what can you do, he is a millionaire and has hordes of annoying fans that adore him and everything about him.

    I think he is a funny guy and the stuff he says in the videos I have watched makes me laugh, but when he overreacts and screams at the top of his lungs and shakes his mouse when something “scary” happens it is painfully obvious that it is a calculated thing and a formula that has made him into a rich man. I just wish he would drop the fake stuff and be more genuine so it would be more watchable for anyone who is not a 14 year old fan-girl.

  3. I have always loved PewDiePie. He cares about everyone, and never fails to make me laugh. By the way, Love your website!

  4. I love pewds, and not just because of his videos. He truly cares about his fans,and everything he does isn’t fabricated. I have seen him cry in his videos, which most gamers wouldn’t dare. He overreacts because he feels like gaming is a part of him.

  5. how could you not love pewdiepie he’s not obnoxious and he really cares about all his bros he’s hilarious to. And who couldent like a dude with a thick swedish accent? pewds is a love or 100% hate kinda guy but why would you hate someone who spends 8-10 hours a day to make videos for every one he works so hard and i think he shoudent be hated for that…….well thats all my opinion BRO FIST!!!

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