Kirby House Japanese Gardens and Glen Summit Chapel & Casino

We’ve made some big decisions! And our wedding photos location is so perfect, I can hardly believe it! We’re taking photos at the Kirby House Japanese Gardens in Glen Summit, right outside of Mountain Top, PA. The Kirby family was a well to do family who founded the Woolworth chain of stores in Wilkes Barre in the early 1900’s. In 1914 or so, they built the luxurious Kirby house. The family went on a world tour, and when they came back, they were hooked on Japanese culture. And well, anyone who was anyone had an authentic Japanese garden. They flew in the materials and actual Japanese gardeners to assemble the gorgeous temple replicas and zen river. It’s to die for!

To boot, we also found our ceremony and reception location. Finally! Today we toured the Glen Summit Chapel and Casino right down the street from the Kirby House. We fell in love with the rustic beauty. Both buildings are similar in look – brown with dark green trim and gorgeous giant red doors. The buildings are set back in the woods, with plenty of space and trees. The Casino used to be next to an old hotel in the 20’s, right near a railroad, for travelers coming from New York and other parts of Pennsylvania. They used to bowl and gamble in the Casino hall! It’s gorgeous. What a load off my mind! I can’t wait to start planning everything else!

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