Terrified of Exposure: What it means to admit you’re a religious person

Yeah. I’m a Christian. And I also lead a normal life. I’m not tied to a church pew or bashing down people’s doors with a Bible. I go to Church, yes. But I also watch sci-fi movies, LARP, and play with my stupid pets. In fact, none of my friends know much about my personal view on God. But the question is, why don’t they know? What am I hiding?

The question of the hour: Why? If I’m a person who believes in God, shouldn’t I be proud of who I am and show the world? And, if people really are my true friends, won’t they just accept me for who I am?

My old self would say, it is hard to take religious people seriously. Their credibility as a logical, rational, individual goes out the window once you find out they believe in Jesus or the bible or God or psychics or tarot cards or anything that isn’t, well… science! And I highly value my credibility as a logical, smart, and analytical person. If I was to “come out of the closet,” as a Christian, I fear people would make all kinds of judgments about me. It’s unfair, but it’s the way I believe people evaluate other people. A lot of people would say religious person indulges in superstitions to calm their erratic fears of the unknown, to put an end to their doubts about our reason for existing, to make themselves “feel better.”

I hardly agree with this, but I do believe it’s the way the existential cookie crumbles. It scares me. I value my reputation. I want a seat at the table during a conversation about something controversial, like morality, or politics, or mathematics, or dinosaurs, or the universe, or the nature of existence, or our divine purpose, or whatever people might be discussing that is up for debate. I worry if I expose myself as a Christian, my seat will be forfeited. And that’s my fear, but it’s the truth.

Do you struggle with spiritually or religion, or talking to people about it? Leave a comment to let me know.

15 thoughts on “Terrified of Exposure: What it means to admit you’re a religious person”

  1. Finally, someone I can relate to. I moved to Minneapolis a few years ago and it feels like everyone is atheist and anti religion especially Christianity. Most people here equate Christian with antigay and ignorant. Its hard to share what you believe when you don’t feel like arguing with them all the time.

    1. I used to have the same misconceptions. My view of Christianity was a skewed vision of an extremely homophobic and anti-women’s rights agenda. It wasn’t until I started to look into it that I truly understood where they were coming from (and that ultimately led to my conversion.) To me, Christianity seeks to exemplify who men and women really are – biologically/physically, and emotionally, and to put them in the roles they were best designed for, to promote the best potential marriage by balancing those 2 necessary roles. It’s goal was also to protect the life inside a women’s body when she gets pregnant. Pro-choice women argue, “it’s my choice, it’s my body” – they also “made the choice” to have sex. This doesn’t take into account the rape or incest argument, but I don’t believe in black and white – everything is grey and there is always a story behind it. But unfortunately the Christian view has been skewed into gay hatred, gay prejudice, homophobia, infringing on women’s rights, etc. I still believe homosexuals deserve the right to marry each other if they want, and a woman should be able to have an abortion if she wants to. It’s my religious belief, not theirs. If they want to become a Christian or if they are a Christian they can determine for themselves what they believe is moral. I just see the other side so much clearly now, and can understand it a bit more.

  2. Isn’t it funny how people criticize Christians for “judging others” when many people are quick to “judge” Christians into a stereotype? It’s tough, but it’s an amazing journey to be on. Just remember we are ALL created in the image of God, to be critical thinking, unique individuals and there is beauty in that. We were created with the purpose of being GOOD.

    1. My pastor was just speaking on this on Sunday. It’s so easy to be evil/sinful (selfish/proud/jealous etc) because it’s in our nature, but it takes true work (and help from God) to be good. It isn’t easy but it’s what we should try to do! And I agree, abstaining from any judgement is SO difficult but it’s a good rule of thumb when dealing with other people, all on the their walk of life, and all brothers and sisters at least of the human variety.

  3. This is something I totally relate to. It’s hard to be open sometimes because people are so quick to lump Christians into the stereotype category. And I’ll admit, too, that there are many Christians who seem to fit well in that category, who never see the big picture I guess. As intelligent, rational people, we don’t want to lose our credibility.

  4. This is so interesting! I’ve followed your stuff for nearly 3 years (holy crap!) and I had no idea that you were Christian or that you were experiencing any of this. I’ve been battling through my own religious identity crisis as of late, trying to figure out which spiritual path is right for me. And I 100% understand the privacy that feels almost necessary behind it.

    I completely understand why you feel scared and opt to be private and hopefully some day that won’t be the case for anyone (no one should be judged) but some day I’d love to hear about the journey and the decision to move from spiritual path to another, especially considering that witchcraft and Christianity are portrayed as so polarizing.

    <3 <3 <3 for you!

    1. Thanks girl!! It’s nice to hear your encouragement and that you can relate. Opening up the “honesty door” means I’m way more susceptible to trolls and crap now. For years I hesitated… and made my blog very non-confrontational and fluffy… for nearly 3 years. I think now I’ve got the balls to be who I want to be now. The flood gates are open and I hope my floaties work!

  5. This is a beautiful post. Something I can relate to as a Christian as well… I want to be taken seriously, I don’t want to be marginalized and I am afraid of my faith putting me in a box.
    So, I pick and choose when I vocalize my faith. I trust God to reveal moments when it is appropriate and also to know when to sit quietly— because I do believe there are times for this as well.
    I admire your courage for sharing the struggles here. Thank you!

    1. I must agree! I am a cartoon, comic and animation junkie. I love Bob’s Burgers and anything Loren Bouchard, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Teen Titans GO, old school Nickelodeon, old school Cartoon Network, Archie comics, any classic Funnies, Garfield, anime, and SO MUCH MORE! I am addicted and will be checking out your blog all the time for all the pretty cartoons!

  6. yup I know exactly how you feel ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s funny when my friends are like “your a christian” it’s like what, do I have something on my face lol. I’m a graphic designer who loves to make plushies and have fun. I also go to bars and watch movies and do what everyone else does. It’s just crazy how fast people judge you on your faith and they think that your to fragile to discuss worldly things. But don’t worry people are always going to hate no matter what you practice. I just keep positive and surround myself with awesome art and fun times oh yeah!!! oh and I just found your blog I”m having a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ohman, I’m late to this party, but thank you SO MUCH for posting this. It’s like you’ve read my mind here. I became a Christian in college after a LONG, complex relationship with religion, and I still haven’t told my family since they’re such hardcore athiests. I feel like they just wouldn’t respect me anymore because Christianity has such a sullied history…it’s nice to hear other people have had similar concerns!

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