Zombie Pub Crawl and deliciousness from Sugar Plum Chocolates



If you’re looking for an appropriate treat for Halloween, or perhaps you’re a rotting corpse and you’re getting sick of eating brains, then you have to try this delicious white chocolate Zombie bar from Sugar Plum Chocolates. This fiendish treat was lucky enough to be the star of a Food Network special, and is delicious to boot!

Sugar Plum Chocolates, for those who don’t know, is a super quaint sweet shop hidden in Forty Fort, PA. I hadn’t even heard of it until I met the owner, Neil Edley, at a POWER meeting at a local bar. I’m so happy that Sugar Plum is a NEPA business! There are lots of local businesses we can be loud and proud of in Northeast Pennsylvania, and Sugar Plum is just one more.

Photo by Lois Grimm

By the by, the most perfect place to hand out Sugar Plum’s Zombie Bars is at a Zombie Pub Crawl! And what a coincidence, I attended one on Saturday night. The Zombie Pub Crawl, in its 3rd year, was sponsored by Carl’s Beer Tours and Bart & Urby’s, one of my favorite local restaurants and bars. The proceeds benefited the Luzerne County SPCA and the LCPO. Not bad at all! And the event was loads of fun. From shuffling into a bar full of people as passionate about great costuming and make-up as I am, to wandering in a huge hoard across the Public Square terrifying locals along the way. The event could not have been better! I can’t wait until next year! Make sure to like their Facebook page!

Photo by Lois Grimm

I went with Mark, and my 2 friends Mike Toma and Jeff Katra. We drank until we dropped dead! The crawl took us from Bart & Urby’s, to Senusas’, to Rodanos, and back to Urby’s. Thanks for a fabulous time, Carl and crew!

Photo by Lois Grimm

I even ran into Adrienne, another NEPA blogger, who runs Skinny Jeans and Sippy Cups, a mommy/fashion blog. She brought the Little Mermaid to a new, zombie level.


At the end of the night, I rounded up all the local undead and handed out a bunch of yummy Zombie Bars. All of the shuffling zombies were quite pleased. So if you’re totally corpsi-fied and want a treat to satisfy even the bloodiest of appetites, you have to try a Zombie Bar. And don’t forget to like Sugar Plum Chocolates on Facebook!

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