Twitch 101: Song Request using Nightbot


This post was inspired by several posts I saw on my pal Lori‘s blog as well as time spent in Anna‘s stream last night!

Greetings, fearless readers! I come bearing posts, since I’ve been sorely neglecting the blog for my new boyfriend, Twitch. I was introduced to my new drug of choice by my evil husband, Ryskill, who has severely underestimated just how addictive this new social network is. Yes, I have bumped it above Twitter (just by a little bit) as my favorite place to be. Now, I turn there for social interaction before anywhere else, and have absolutely LOVED the people I’ve met and the adventures I’ve had. I’ve met amazing people, including my FAVORITE streamer BergerBytes (Follow him!!) as well as a few other amazing streamers, far too numerous too name.

To encourage other fellow iggles and geek girl bloggers to join in on the Twitch phenomenon, I figured I could make a few Twitch 101 posts detailing some of the finer points of streaming. Today I’ll go through step by step how you can set up song requests for your viewers, using Nightbot. You can use Nightbot for a lot of cool things, including custom emotes, custom commands, timed alerts, giveaways and the ever wonky spam protection. I can go into these in later posts, but today I’ll be talking specifically about song request.

One reason Twitch is so great is because it’s in real time, and it’s interactive. Not only do the streamers (the good ones anyway) interact with their chat room, but they find other fun ways to include their viewers. One fantastic way to include your viewers in your show is through song request. It’s a great way for the streamer to learn about awesome new music, and for the audience to have a part in the broadcast. Let’s get going, shall we?

Logging in. Pretty important. uses OAuth to log you in, so make sure you’re logged into Twitch and you should be able to login with 1 click. If not, just enter your Twitch credentials.

You’ll need your new pal Nightbot to join your channel, and you’ll need to set him to mod status. You can do this by typing “/mod nightbot” in your chat. You’ll be able to check if Nightbot is in your channel by refreshing your Twitch page and checking your viewer list to see who is in your chat room.

Next, make sure you enable your song request to work. Do this by finding Song Requests in the left column, then clicking Manage Song Requests. Make sure to click Songs On to enable song request to work.

Make sure to open the AutoDJ panel in a new window, and keep it open while you stream. You can use this as a kind of command center for your music. You can change the volume, pause songs, or even skip crappy ones (though that might irk the viewer who requested it.) Your viewers will now have complete control over any music they want to request, be it a YouTube video or a SoundCloud song.

If necessary, you can restrict the type of user who can request songs. For example, if you only want your mods to be able to request songs, you can do so by using the commands found on this page. Using Nightbot, you’re actually able to create lists of “regulars” (as in regular viewers) in your channel. So theoretically, so you could go so far as to create a list of viewers that you trust, and restrict song request access to only those viewers. It all depends on how your channel functions, or how many misbehaving viewers you tend to have.


Now the fun begins! Make sure your viewers, regular and new, know how to use song request, and what sort of restrictions you have on it. List the commands for them, as I’ve done on my own personal Twitch. This way they can join in on the fun. It’s up to you to try to set up your guidelines for music (if you have any), but if you would prefer people to submit only clean versions of songs, for example, make sure to outline this in your panels.

Just a heads up, Twitch has a music algorithm type of thing that will mute parts of past broadcasts if it detects copyrighted music. So if you play music and Twitch picks up on it, they may mute part of the broadcast – not DURING your stream, but afterwards in your past broadcasts. This means it will be silent, which would be bad if you want to use it for a highlight. However with Song Request, you can play the music quietly enough (in the background) that it may not be able to pick up on it over the sounds of the game and you talking.

You can have a lot of fun with song request, so get to it! Last night in my friend Anna‘s stream, I spent a good hour requesting only Disney songs. So pick a theme, or a band, or music related to the game you’re playing, and let your viewers have fun on the jukebox!!

And if you’re not already, please follow me on Twitch. I would greatly appreciate it, and hey, maybe a stray wombat or two will wander into the room <3

5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFF’s

Ya I know, it’s Monday. But trying to keep up on these 5 Fandom Friday posts is clearly pointless, so the posts are just gonna kind of happen, randomly and magically, like most good things. Having fandom characters you love and worship is part of the geeky package, and the characters you want to spend time are so much fun to fantasize about. So it’s time to go to the movies, or out for some drinks, or to the movies while smuggling in drinks, with my besties. Here are my top 5 fictional BFF’s from fandoms.


Luna Lovegood by leelakin
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is the quirky and slightly kooky blonde Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter series. Yeah, she’s fruity as a bat, but I love her. Luna is brutally genuine, honest, and perceptive – qualities that would be perfect in a best friend. She can’t be anyone but herself, and she makes no effort to try to hide her personality or weirdness from anyone. She think it strange anyone would do that, strange as she is. She just is, and that’s the way to be. Surrounded by someone like her, I’d be unafraid to be my weird self as well. We’d spend our time talking about the interesting things we’d read in the Quibble, practicing for our Potions finals, or tagging along on fun adventures with Harry, of course.


Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper is a teen girl from Riverdale, and an amazingly sweet character from the Archie Comics universe. True blue, and an all-American nice girl, Betty would be loyal to the end. She’s got a “Captain America” style charm about her. She’s kind, thoughtful, caring, and super nice. Plus, she loves having fun and getting out there! I think lots of people in the Riverdale universe would make fun and entertaining friends, but Betty has some seriously great friend qualities that are impossible to ignore. She would be there through thick and thin, I could just tell! We’d spend our time gossiping at Pop Tates over chocolate shakes and studying for Miss Grundy’s math tests after school. Who knows, maybe we’d even have a friendly fight over who’d be going out with Archie that night >.>


Noodle is the 13 year old guitar player from the Gorillaz, oh, and a secret government experimental combat soldier. And thanks to Ocean Bacon (the verbal command which put Noodle’s fighting rampage into a state of amnesia), we can be the best of friends, and play loads of video games all the time!! Besides having a front row seat to any Gorillaz’s concert, we’d eat sushi in Japan, beat up on Murdoc, and play pool with 2D. Sounds like a blast to me! <3


Tank Girl by BlitzCadet
Tank Girl
Tank Girl is a fabulous comic book character who makes things go BOOM and then has a cold beer when it’s all over. Sometimes she’s a little gross, or vulgar, or horny, but hey, who isn’t? There wouldn’t be a boring day ever if she was around. We’d drink beers and smoke cigars with Booga, decorate tanks and other artillery vehicles with fun stickers and graffiti, and play with all of our talking stuffed animals of course, like Mr. Precocious and Camp Koala. I am SO ready to go hop on board the tank for some fun adventures!


Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie is the perky party princess of Ponyville, from the My Little Pony fandom. Clearly, a good friend must be entertaining, and Pinkie Pie would just go go go without stopping. She tells great jokes, she’s full of energy, and she loves to squeal. Qualities any good friend should have. Especially the squealing part. Toothless, her super cute pet alligator, and my dog Couscous would be fast friends. And I’d love to help the ponies on their missions to find the elements of harmony, or to help Twilight Sparkle learn a lesson about friendship, or even just in the planning of some incredible parties in Ponyville! PARTY TIME!


Bonus! Lurch
Lurch is the faithful household butler of the creepy and the kooky Addams Family. And something tells me, in my heart of hearts, that Lurch would be a fabulous BFF. Sure, he’s quiet, a little stoic, and kind of a servant in the Addams home, but he does the sweetest things for them, and I would imagine his friends. He is tolerant and puts up with a lot of silliness and nonsense – 2 qualities that are pretty essential for anyone who is going to be my friend. In our spare time, we could practice ballroom dancing, chase spiders, or play hide and seek in the marvelous Addams mansion. I know I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Wednesday or Pugsley for the day as well, providing they keep me out of that electric chair. -.-

Adventures on Twitch with Stewie

I had intended to start streaming play throughs of PC games a while back, to be precise at the beginning of January, when the IGGPPC theme for January was revealed as Retro Video Games, but it’s taken me the whole month just to get everything sorted out!

I’ve played 3 games so far, and they’ve all been cast to the YouTubes for your silly viewing pleasure.

Stewie Plays Slender Man

Stewie Plays Deep Sleep

Stewie Plays Oregon Trail

Please follow me on Twitch, and leave a comment to let me know what games you want me to play!

Kawaii Chibi Portraits by Yokokins

As a gift to my co-staffers at the IGGPPC, I was seeking out someone to do custom portraits for our staff page. Lucky for me, my pal Mia came to the rescue and told me about Lisa, aka Yokokins, and her fantastic art!

Yokokins herself as Princess Celestia!

Copic Pattern by Yokokins! So beautiful!

I’ve always been the biggest fan of the chibi. Chibi is like an anime styled tiny adorable person. Basically, take a regular style anime person and turn them into an adorable tiny baby version of themselves. Yokokins drew up the 9 staffers at the IGGPPC in this adorable kawaii chibi style! Take a look!







Stewie (me!)




Make sure to check out how we added the art onto our revised Staff page, like Yokokins on Facebook, and check out Yokokins on Deviant Art!

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Kawaii Flowers from Pro Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely blog readers! One of my favorite perks of being a blogger is the opportunity to parter with fantastic people, and one of those people happens to be peoples – the peoples at ProFlowers! The amazing people at ProFlowers were kind enough to send me several beautiful bouquets of flowers for my creative usage… mwah haha. I was given a challenge – to design a unique centerpiece for them. So I took the beautiful flowers I received, and went to town, as I tend to do.




I went kawaii with the gorgeous flowers, as you can see with my Chibimoon accessories. Pink and red roses are the most Chibimoon flowers I can imagine! I can imagine sets themed for every Sailor Scout in a row – how cool would that be? Thanks to the people at ProFlowers for sending me such happy Valentine’s cheer!