TWIP: Halloween, NYCC, eBay Design, and D & D

My sister, Natalie, and I went as Daria and Jane for Halloween this year, and we won the “Best Group Cosplay” award in our office! Please do not mind my horribly photoshopped hair. I think Natalie looks freaking awesome! I’ve loved Daria since I was an angsty 13 year old. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m still an angsty 13 year old.

We went back to NYCC for our third year, with our friends @patcartelli and @tonydac! We cosplayed as an amazing troupe of Bob’s Burgers characters. I was Tina, Pat was Jimmy Jr, Tony was Beefsquatch, and Mark was Bob. So many amazing pictures! We saw some incredible comic book artists, cosplayers, and toys. Unfortunately, the panels were nearly impossible to get into and it ended up feeling more like an overcrowded advertisement than a convention. But hey, we had fun! NYC is looking more and more exciting to us each day!


I also helped to plan one of the BEST NYCC after parties in history with my cohorts from Geek Girl Brunch. Read all about it here!

It isn’t often that I have the chance professionally to do things outside of my day to day job as a graphic designer at eBay. But last month, they held a Design Conference for eBay employees in Red Hook, Brooklyn that was both inspiring and humbling. Never have I felt more inadequate as an artist and compelled to push myself to new limits, professionally. The conference was held at a most epic venue, Pioneer Works, which I must highly recommend as a place to go if you’re feeling creatively blocked. Not to mention, hearing some of the higher ups in the design world at eBay speak, was so inspiring. Paola Antonelli, Dustin Yellin, and John Couch to name a few.

Mark and I have been playing D & D (first edition) together recently, headed up by one of his professors at Wilkes. I’m of course a gnome – an illusionist, poof! And he’s a halfing rogue. Typical. The fun of playing a gnome – THE JOY! Such jovial jovialities. Yup.

That’s it from me for now. I hope I can blog more soon! EXCUSES. <3

TWIP: Hershey Park, we moved, and the IGGPPC is having a Halloween Party!


Our friends Charlie and Christa (whom we LARP with) took us to Hershey Park, home of the famous chocolate bars! My favorite site to see was the Carousel. Carousels are awesome – the eerie music, the blinking lights, and the colorful vintage hand painted ponies – so kitsch! We rode the roller coasters… one in particular that made my insides feel like they were tied in knots >.< – and we even met a few adorable candy bars running around the park! I could hug people dressed in ridiculous full body character costumes all day. Seriously. They might have to escort me out of the park.

Things are looking up for Mark and me! We moved! We spent the weekend moving into our new apartment in Wilkes Barre. Only a few blocks away, but much cheaper and smaller! Both good things!

It’s got some Shire-esque roads near it, which remind me of a road the Hobbits would travel on. So cute! I love cobblies! Maybe I’ll go try to find Isengard?

And also some forceful graffiti in our backyard. No.

Our new apartment is next door to an apparently haunted house – the Welles House, aka Pennsylvania’s own Amityville House. Reports of paranormal activity, ghosts, demonic possessions, and more are everywhere about this house. I get the chills standing next to it! 2 suicides and 4 deaths on its property are enough to make anyone feel a bit spooked. Mark and I hope we can get a peek inside on Halloween!

party poster-01

Speaking of spooky things, the IGGPPC is throwing a Halloween Party! 4 days of fun with the Iggles! Check out our schedule for all the spooky events!

5 jobs Couscous would be terrible at

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you are well aware that Couscous is my strange little Shih Tzu who I love with all my heart. She’s 8 years old and she’s got a lot of gusto. Before I adopted her, she lived in a small shelter in Honesdale. It’s possible a battery disposal site was slowly leaking acid waste into her food supply. Here are some jobs that she should never have…
cous1 garbage cous21

  • Professional Masseuse: While she would likely be the fuzziest and cutest masseuse in the salon, she would fail miserably at this job. She has little doggy claws that would scratch the customer’s back, if she manages to get on top of them at all. Chances are she’ll find some massage oil in a bottle or on someone’s back and try to eat it. When she’s not licking oil off of client’s backs, she’s also likely to throw herself face first at whoever is getting a massage. To Couscous, a face on the ground (or table) is an exclusive invitation to thrust herself into their face and then sneeze in their mouth.
  • Air Traffic Controller: Even though standing on her hind legs for extended periods of time is one of her specialties, she would never be able to figure out how to hold those little glowy sticks. In fact, I’m willing to bet she would probably be afraid of them. Aside from running in fear from the strange evil glowing sticky thing, she just has to chase things that are faster than her. She’d quickly tire herself out bolting from one end of the runway to the next after planes, until eventually being run over by a luggage truck.
  • Call-Center Customer Service Agent: This was a close one for me, as most of the call center customer service agents I speak to barely speak anything close to English. But unfortunately for Couscous, she only speaks Wooflish. Unless the people on the other end of the line are shouting ‘Up’ and ‘Roll Over’ she’s likely to cock her head to the side, stare at the phone, and try to eat it.
  • Squirrel Rehabilitator: Couscous’ love of eating anything is only out shadowed by her love of choking herself to death on her leash while attempting to chase down squirrels. That bushy tail running through the trees sends Couscous into bouncing seizures and spasms of excitement. Good luck to any squirrel who crosses her spastic little path.
  • Garbage Truck Lady: To Couscous, while everything is edible, nothing tastes better than garbage. She’s like a tiny little goat who tries to consume the edible and non-edible just for fun. She would certainly have fun riding on the back of the garbage truck, but when it came time for her to lift the garbage into the truck, she would instead knock it over, rip it to shreds, try to eat it, and probably then poop on it.

Geeky Inspiration Boards: Number 01, The Tardis

For those who don’t know, an inspiration board is usually a physical bulletin board of some type, and it’s adorned with a smattering of swatches, pictures, and images that focus around a central theme. People make them when they are trying to plan a wedding, redecorate a bedroom, or design a website. Still curious? Here’s more deets on Inspiration Boards. Having recently been inspired by seeing so many visually stimulating inspiration boards on Pinterest, I have decided to start a series of them in the geek vein. My first Geeky Inspiration Board pays tribute to the blue box the Doctor calls home, The Tardis.

Pin it

I just finished Season 3, which contains a bit about the Master and his attempt to steal the Doctor’s Tardis. It was of course, a jerk move, but it left me with an icky feeling. No one should enter the Tardis without the Doctor’s permission! It’s his home! It made me reflect on how comforting the Tardis can feel, despite it being a freaking space ship, powered by strange alien technology. You never see a bed or a couch in it, but to the Doctor and his chosen companion, it’s home. That’s the safety zone they know they can retreat to, where they are protected and where they can hang their fez at the end of an adventure. It’s a cozy little police box, isn’t it. It’s home.

#ComplimentHour – an experiment in PosiTweeting

I hate subtweeting. Yeah, I’m guilty of having done it, but at its core, it’s an attempt to piss someone off without communicating with them directly. It’s passive aggressive, it’s pointless, and it’s mean. So I’ve decided to start something which I hope will be the anti-subtweet, and it’s called #ComplimentHour. It actually started last year when my friend Mia (Founder of the geek positivity group, Superheroesque) and I were spreading it around like wildfire, in an effort to spread joy and positivity to our Twitter friends. Intrigued? Here’s the scoop.


Not too much of an explanation needed. So what now? Now you can go out there and start a #ComplimentHour. Simple as that. Now go spread joy!

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