Adventures on Twitch with Stewie

I had intended to start streaming play throughs of PC games a while back, to be precise at the beginning of January, when the IGGPPC theme for January was revealed as Retro Video Games, but it’s taken me the whole month just to get everything sorted out!

I’ve played 3 games so far, and they’ve all been cast to the YouTubes for your silly viewing pleasure.

Stewie Plays Slender Man

Stewie Plays Deep Sleep

Stewie Plays Oregon Trail

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Kawaii Chibi Portraits by Yokokins

As a gift to my co-staffers at the IGGPPC, I was seeking out someone to do custom portraits for our staff page. Lucky for me, my pal Mia came to the rescue and told me about Lisa, aka Yokokins, and her fantastic art!

Yokokins herself as Princess Celestia!

Copic Pattern by Yokokins! So beautiful!

I’ve always been the biggest fan of the chibi. Chibi is like an anime styled tiny adorable person. Basically, take a regular style anime person and turn them into an adorable tiny baby version of themselves. Yokokins drew up the 9 staffers at the IGGPPC in this adorable kawaii chibi style! Take a look!







Stewie (me!)




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Kawaii Flowers from Pro Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely blog readers! One of my favorite perks of being a blogger is the opportunity to parter with fantastic people, and one of those people happens to be peoples – the peoples at ProFlowers! The amazing people at ProFlowers were kind enough to send me several beautiful bouquets of flowers for my creative usage… mwah haha. I was given a challenge – to design a unique centerpiece for them. So I took the beautiful flowers I received, and went to town, as I tend to do.




I went kawaii with the gorgeous flowers, as you can see with my Chibimoon accessories. Pink and red roses are the most Chibimoon flowers I can imagine! I can imagine sets themed for every Sailor Scout in a row – how cool would that be? Thanks to the people at ProFlowers for sending me such happy Valentine’s cheer!

Stewiebounding! My adventures in Everyday Cosplay and Disneybounding: January 2015

My love of cosplay runs pretty deep. But the cost and time I would have to spend to cosplay as often as I want too is just too much of a demand – so I figured I’d try something a little more attainable. For 2015, I made a bold resolution. I would Disneybound or Everyday Cosplay once a week (on Friday if possible). So far, the project has been a success! I’ve Stewiebounded every Friday (or close to it) all year long! Here are the 5 I’ve done so far.

1. January 4, 2015 – Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

2. January 9, 2015 – Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

3. January 17, 2015 – The TARDIS from Doctor Who

4. January 23, 2015 – Dumbo from Disney’s Dumbo

5. January 30, 2015 – Lil from the Rugrats

Stay tuned for part 2, as my 2015 continues to be chocked full of fun costumes, fandoms, nerd inspired outfits, and a general love of all things geeky.

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5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Accessories I Own

This week’s edition of 5 Fandom Friday celebrates Fandom Accessories. Accessories are the little things in our life that make it easy to incorporate our love of our fandoms fully into our world. Every where you look – in your kitchen, on your desk, in your jewelry box – the joy is everywhere! I had a hard time choosing just 5 (well, I picked 6 actually) but these are the 5 accessories I chose!

1. Tina Ring from Nerd Burger: Cazz of Nerd Burger is just one of the very best – she’s an awesome girl from Australia who makes fantastic geeky jewelry! She was kind enough to send me a Tina ring, which of course, is awesome. Bob’s Burgers is one of my all-time favorite cartoons, and Mark and I even got tickets to go see Bob’s Burgers live in March! Thanks Cazz <3

2. Barbie Shoe Necklace: I adore this Barbie Shoe necklace from Pixier and Pixier! It’s so fun, whimsical, and just a little creepy! I love the colors (of course), and the fact that it’s Barbie shoes. Weird and wonderful. Something Luna Lovegood would wear, for sure.

3. Wonder Woman Converse: I am so glad my friend @thedesignergeek suggested that I get these amazing Wonder Woman converse, because I LOVE them – they’re a perfect compliment and geek chic accessory to so many outfits. I first wore them to the Geekie Awards when the IGGPPC was up for a Geekie! They’re comfy and the artwork on them is just gorgeous. Wonder Woman is such a badass!

4. Lilac Wand from Gipson Wands: I’m a Potterhead and magic lover through and through! Scott of Gipson Wands designs carefully crafted magical wands, complete with unicorn hair and phoenix feathers. (alight, maybe not those!) I have a wand in Lilac wood. A favorite of the forest nymphs, Lilac is sacred to the Greek Twins Gemini. It promotes love and romance <3 <3 <3 Swish, and flick!

5. Monsters Inc Disney Parks Official Mug: Disney Parks Authentic gear is the best! It always reminds me of my trips to Disney World, and of course, you are only supposed to be able to get it in the parks! I bought this Mike Wazowski mug when Mark and I went on our first vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! It’s one of my absolute favorite memories – Mark and I had SO much fun! I drink coffee out of this adorable Disney mug every day at work. Disnerds, unite!

*BONUS* 6th accessory! I saw Megan do it, SO I’M DOING IT!

6. IGGPPC embroidered pin by Sarah Synapse: Of COURSE I love repping my Iggles! This fabulous hand embroidered pin by Sarah Synapse is just too cute! And it comes in a multitude of colors! You can get your own pin here!